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Chemical Peels...
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Keeping your skin healthy is all about maintenance. We offer advanced chemical peel treatments to freshen your skin and maintain that healthy glow.

What is a chemical peel?
A chemical peel is a treatment used to improve the appearance of skin on the face, neck or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells and eventually peel off revealing the fresh, new skin underneath. The new skin won’t have as much wear and tear so it’s more youthful and healthy looking.

At MedSpa at The Women's Centre For Excellence, 

we offer the following chemical peels:
-- Glycolic Acid Peel
-- Lactic Acid Peel
-- Salicylic Acid Peel
-- Jessner Pee

-- TCA Peel
-- Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance
-- The Perfect Derma Peel and Boosters for Extra Strength
-- Fire & Ice Red Carpet Facial Peel
-- Hand & Body Peels

What can I expect from my chemical peel?
A chemical peel treatment takes about 20 minutes, with the end results based on the strength and amount of chemical applied and, of course, the response of your individual skin. We offer a wide range of peels, each with different levels of exfoliation and peeling time.   The solution itself and the number of passes over the skin, alternating chemical application and neutralizer, affect the depth of skin layers and the length of time for the peeling stage to complete. At the time of your consultation with our aesthetician, you’ll determine what is best for your skin and your schedule.

Quality products, better skin
Our advanced products are backed by scientific research and development, and our skin care professionals are dedicated to providing treatment that meets your needs. Starting with a personalized assessment, our experts will recommend the best product for you.

Why chemical peels?
Chemical peels help safely and effectively exfoliate the dead skin that accumulates, so you are left with much softer and healthier, new skin underneath. A chemical peel can help:

* Restore a youthful appearance
* Reduce wrinkles and uneven pigmentation
* Improve acne scars, smooth out the skin

* A customizable treatment suited to your skin condition
* Supportive  staff to guide you through the process
* Improve the overall tone and texture of your skin
* Lighten and brighten your skin
* Remove or reduce sun damage and age spots
* Reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles
* Reduce or eliminate hyper-pigmentation and acne scars
* Improve acne skin conditions and Melasma
* Stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin

Is a chemical peel right for you?

Medspa at The Womens Centre For Excellence is proud to offer a range of products tailored to different skin types. No matter what your age and main skin concern happens to be, you can benefit from a chemical peel. Your treatment provider is an expert on skin care who can answer any question you might have about the process and the results you can expect which will vary from person to person.

Vibraderm:  Vibraderm is one of the latest solutions available to improve the appearance of skin, as an alternative to
​microdermabrasion. The goal of Vibraderm is to offer a safe and reliable treatment that stimulates natural collagen production and exfoliation to improve the skin's appearance on any area of the body.  Vibraderm vibrates away dead skin cells and stimulates production of new collagen in the deepest layers of the skin. We recommend a Vibraderm along with chemical peel or other photodynamic therapy procedures to achieve optimal results in a series.

To set a scheduled time for a complimentary skin consultation, please get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you to achieve yourgoals! You can reach us via phone, email or through our website by clicking the link below for either our Clermont or  Downtown Orlando Medspa location....