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Harklinikken - The customized hair regrowth treatment redefining the industry

Harklinikken developed a revolutionary treatment that can cure androgenetic alopecia and physiological hair loss by using the products which fits appropriately to the client.

100,000 clients around the globe have regrown their hair with the Danish-born Harklinikken program. Now available in the US, Harklinikken’s breakthrough treatment uses a proprietary Extract based on ingredients derived from plants and cow’s milk. The Extract is customized to the needs of each client enabling us to achieve unparalleled results. The Extract has no colors, perfumes, patrochemicals or problematic preservatives added that can damage your hair.Compliant qualified candidates experience a 30-60 percent increase in hair mass.

The treatment consists of nightly application of the Harklinikken’s liquid Extract on the areas of your scalp that are thinning, followed by daily shampoo and use of specialized shampoo and conditioner. Should you be a candidate you’ll commit to daily application to ensure and maintain good results.

Your visible results are the most important indicator of success. Our Follysis technology brings the ability to scientifically quantify results. Follysis is a proprietary advanced imaging system that measures hair regrowth. Follysis quantifies the number of follicular units – how many hair follicles are active, hair density and quality.

Can you prevent hair loss?

Harklinikken’s shampoos and hair care products are formulated to work with your customized extract to optimize and maintain hair health. Many people who are concerned about preventing hair loss are actually already experiencing hair thinning. At this point, their hair follicle miniaturization is in an early stage, which makes them ideal candidates for treatment. Once we assess your hair condition, we can make specific recommendations, including whether you would be a candidate for the treatment.

What is the treatment Protocol?

Nightly application of your customized Extract, followed by daily shampoo and use of specialized hair care products. Harklinikken patients must adhere to their treatment protocol to experience and maintain results.

What if I work nights or prefer to shower at night?

No problem. It’s important that the Extract has a chance to work for 6-8 hours. You can apply the Extract in the morning before daily styling and leave it in until your evening shower.

Can I exercise or go out while the extract is in?

Although the Extract has a definite texture, you can still style your hair and go about your day. Some clients even like the volume it adds to their roots.

It’s best to apply the Extract two hours after exercising, because sweat can cause it to run, minimizing its effectiveness. If you exercise after the Extract has already been in your hair for 6-8 hours, then you’re all set. Just wash with the Harklinikken shampoo after exercising.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Although we can make no absolute guarantees, we only accept clients who we believe will benefit from our regimen. Given the natural timing of hair growth, many of our clients report thicker hair and increasing hair regrowth within 4-6 months (some as early as within one to two months.) Noticeable hair regrowth at six months is typical.

I’m losing my hair due to chemo treatments. Can Harklinikken help?

Our shampoo and styling products are free of problematic ingredients and are very mild on sensitive scalps. We have treated thousands of women whose hair has not recovered after chemo.

However, we recommend waiting 90 days after your chemo treatment ends to start treatment with the Harklinikken Extract. This gives us enough time to determine whether the hair might regrow without treatment. We can then examine the follicles and determine whether or not we can hasten growth.

Is this covered by insurance?

No, using Harklinikken products is considered an elective procedure and is therefore generally not covered by health insurance carriers.

What are possible side effects?

While some shedding is normal as hair grows in thicker, no clients have experienced any significant side effects. Harklinikken uses a proprietary custom Extract which is plant-based and contains amino acid complexes, minerals, and fatty acids.

Since Harklinikken’s treatment of each client is customized, the Extract should only be used in accordance with instructions given during your personal assessment. In some cases, your treatment may be more effective with the addition of low-dose minoxidil (concentrations lower than those currently available over the counter). If this is the case, we will discuss your options and make sure you’re aware of the addition of this ingredient to the Extract.

If I stop, will my hair start falling out?

The components contained in the Extract that reverse the hair thinning process only work with regular use.

Even after you’ve achieved optimal results, you will need to continue your routine to prevent further hair thinning. For most clients, applying the Extract becomes as routine as brushing their teeth.

How long do I need to continue treatment?

Even after you see initial results, your hair will continue to thicken and improve in texture. Continuing application is needed to improve and maintain your hair.

What if I don’t wash my hair and apply the Harklininkken Extract daily?

Your consistency directly impacts your results. Daily use is the single biggest factor in our clients’ success. However, washing the hair every other day can be sufficient for some clients.

Can I color my hair?

Yes, you may continue to color your hair.

Can I highlight my hair?

Yes, you may continue to have highlights. As with any hair care routine, your stylist may suggest ways to achieve results that keep your hair texture healthy.

Can I perm my hair?

Yes, you can perm your hair while using the Harklinikken hair treatment. Many of our clients permed their hair prior to treatment to help hide thinning or balding and now no longer need to, but you may perm your hair if you wish.

Can you treat African American hair loss?

Extensions can make thinning hair worse by pulling the hair from the follicles. They can also eventually cause scarring hair loss, which can be irreversible if not treated in time. We evaluate each case carefully. We can help with many common conditions that cause thinning hair, but scarring may limit your results.

The clinical staff at Harklinikken have successfully treated both African American women and men. Clients are often concerned about the need to apply the Extract and wash their hair every day. Once they begin to see results, however, maintaining the daily routine is an easy choice.

Are you able to treat Hispanic hair loss?

Yes. Harklinikken can treat hair loss in women and men of every ethnicity.