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How does Sculptra work?

When Sculptra is injected into the fat below the skin, which stimulates our bodies to produce collagen. This collagen growth is gradual and happens over approximately 2 months. Therefore, the actual “filling material” is your own collagen.

Where is Sculptra used?

Sculptra is a global facial volumizer. It is used to change the concavities of the face due to the aging process back to youthful gentle convexity, shedding years off of your appearance. The goal of Sculptra is to give your face the fullness it had when you were in your late 20’s or 30’s, and nothing more. The goal is not to make your face look fat or distorted.  The goal is to remove the shadows that you see in your face, which are generally noticed in reflections of car or store windows.

Sculptra can be used to provide a non-surgical browlift in patients who have hollowing of the temples by filling these hollows and raising the lateral eyebrows. It can correct depressions of the cheeks (nasojugal grooves), smile lines (nasolabial or melolabial folds), and marionette lines. Sculptra can also be used to improve the appearance of the jawline by filling pre-jowl depressions and the volume lost in the cheeks that occurs in front of the ears and behind the jowls. This is what people call a Liquid Facelift.

Does Sculptra work instantly?
No. Sculptra stimulates your body to increase collagen production gradually over a two month period. People usually undergo a Sculptra injection every two months until the desired endpoint is achieved. We inform  patients to not expect a difference until after the second injection.

What Does Sculptra Treat?
Sculptra helps correct wrinkles and folds, particularly the deep, dynamic ones that run from the nose to the lip (nasolabial lines), the lip to the chin (“marionette” lines), and vertically and horizontally across the forehead. The filler is also used to plump up skin depressions caused by scars, thus minimizing their appearance.
Sculptra is not recommended for lip enhancement (although it can help “lift” the corners of the mouth) or for use near the eyes. People with active skin infections or who scar easily should also not use it.

How Does It Work?
Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that contributes to your skin’s volume and structure. Age and repeated exposure to the sun cause collagen to break down — a major factor in the formation of wrinkles and folds. Sculptra restores that collagen, thus giving your skin a more youthful-looking fullness and firmness.

Some people get the rejuvenating results they want with only one Sculptra treatment, but most skin issues respond best to two to three treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart.

What is the Treatment Like?
Sculptra comes in powdered form. It’s mixed with sterile water and then injected deep into skin folds, sunken cheeks, or other areas of the face that need smoothing and recontouring. You’ll be given a topical anesthetic before the injections, which are done with ultra-thin needles. The entire procedure usually takes less than an hour.
Depending on the amount of fat loss in the facial skin, a patient may need between 3 and 6 treatments to be satisfied with the results. Consult with your doctor to discuss how many treatments will be right for you.

Possible Side Effects
After the treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling, itching, and bruising at the injection site. You’ll be advised to massage the treated area regularly for up to a week to diminish the risk of developing small nodules, or lumps, under the skin. Some research suggests that almost 9 percent of people treated with Sculptra develop these lumps, which can take months to dissolve and disappear. Injecting the lumps with a drug called hyaluronidase can sometimes help speed up their dissolution, so be sure to call your doctor if any lumps develop as a result of treatment. It is not intended for use in the lips and not recommended for use in periorbital area.

How Much Does Sculptra Cost?
To determine the average cost of a Sculptra treatment and to see how that cost compares with that of other dermal filler treatments, see Costs and Pricing.

How Long do Treatments Last?
You’ll notice immediately after the treatment that your skin has more volume. This effect, however, will be temporary, for it’s a direct result of the water in the Sculptra solution. The real changes begin after the water is absorbed and the active ingredient in Sculptra (the poly-L-lactic acid) starts to stimulate the new growth of collagen. This process takes weeks. You’ll need to be patient.

Once Sculptra’s effects take hold, however, they’ll last a long time — up to two years, according to some studies. Eventually, however, your body will absorb the poly-L-lactic acid in Sculptra. A second, touch-up treatment will then be needed to maintain the filler’s effects.

Because Sculptra’s effects are so long-lasting, it’s essential that the procedure be done correctly. Be sure to seek treatment from a physician who is thoroughly trained and experienced in using this particular dermal filler.

What is Sculptra Aesthetic?
Sculptra is an injectable liquid used to add volume to areas of the face to create a soft, natural, more youthful recontouring of the face. It builds your own collagen while it gradually disappears. When done well, it doesn’t have that “over stuffed” look that is all too common when too much Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse are used in the cheeks. It is best for adding volume to:

-hollow cheeks
-softening boney cheekbones
-nasolabial and melolabial folds (nose to mouth/mouth to chin)
-hollow chin area
-defining the jawline
-hollow temples
-some body sites

Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen — an underlying cause of facial aging — for results that can last more than two years.

Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually over time for a more youthful-looking appearance. Unlike hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic helps stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production to help restore its inner structure and increase facial volume that has been lost to aging.1-3 Sculptra Aesthetic is intended for use in people with healthy immune systems as a one-time treatment regimen of up to four injection sessions that are scheduled about three weeks apart.